images of broken light.

14 June 1988
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milka. 24 years old.

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| the beatles. frank sinatra. queen. gary moore. dean martin. cole porter. wolfgang amadeus mozart. |

| the english patient. amadeus. singin' in the rain. 12 angry men. 12 monkeys. chaplin. de-lovely. it's a wonderful life. dead poets society. titanic. love actually. butch cassidy & the sundance kid. snatch. forrest gump. across the universe. velvet goldmine. walk the line. the departed. the godfather. the deer hunter. you've got mail. hair. fight club. le fabuleux destine de amelie poulain. the painted veil. pirates of the caribbean. roman holiday. the notebook. |

| chuck. doctor who. fringe. lost. friday night lights. band of brothers. the pacific. parks and recreation. firefly. pushing daisies. luther. supernatural. the big bang theory. downton abbey. boardwalk empire. sherlock. how i met your mother. community. misfits. game of thrones. |

| remarque. dostoyevsky. j.r.r. tolkien. j.k.rowling. camus. selimovic. conrad. |

| paul newman. daniel day-lewis. lee pace. johnny depp. jimmy stewart. ewan mcgregor. robert downey jr. heath ledger. marlon brando. ralph fiennes. jim sturgess. kevin kline. colin firth. gregory peck. james dean. gene kelly. montgomery clift. |

| kate winslet. audrey hepburn. ashley judd. emma thompson. elizabeth taylor. cate blanchett. kristin scott thomas. shirley maclaine. keira knightley. |

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